Creating a Winning Content Strategy: Tips and Tricks for Success

How to build an effective content strategy

I recently developed my content strategy. This exercise has allowed me to create twice the content in half the time.

Mine will be different from yours; however, the philosophy is sound and applicable to every style of content creator.

Start with a piece of evergreen pillar content.



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chop it up!

Figure out the platforms that would be most appropriate to chop up your pillar content.

When chopping it up, I mean breaking it down into smaller segments for other social platforms.

If you have a podcast as an example, create a thread recap on Twitter. Create a summary as an article. Bonus points if you’re recording it; you can use the video footage on Youtube and break it up into shorts.

The strategy here isn’t complicated. Create long-form content and break it up into short-form content.

My Strategy

By sharing my strategy, I hope to inspire you to run the same strategy, or at minimum, grasp the concept and evolve it or build your own.

  1. Search Quora & Reddit for questions on topics I enjoy
  2. Write an article on Medium
  3. Reply to the question with the article (Quora, Reddit)
  4. Insert Articles as segments in Newsletter
  5. Turn paragraphs into scripts for Tiktok, Reels & YT Shorts
  6. Schedule article sentences into Tweets
  7. Create a Twitter thread on the topic

As you can see, a single article can be turned into several contextual pieces of content for multiple platforms.

You can also repurpose the content for LinkedIn.

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