Mass adoption WILL NOT pump your pfp

Accessibility is becoming easier every single day — with a big thanks to @0xPolygon Volume on #NFTs will soar past new highs, but not the way we’ve seen in the past.

NFTs — A technology

NFTs are an underlying technology used on the blockchain. They’re not represented by price. NFTs represent digital ownership, that’s it. 99% of the volume coming is represented by individuals who won’t even realize their utilizing NFTs

It’s Not A Prediction

This isn’t a magic ball reading — I’m simply pointing out what’s happening in real time.
-Reddit Avatars (@reddit)
-Starbucks Odyssey (@starbucks)
-Instagram (@instagram)
-Disney (@Disney)
-Draftkings (@Draftkings)
-Adobe (@adobe)
-Stripe (@stripe)

As these brands succeed, more brands will use Polygon technology to adopt Web3 & NFTs. This will represent billions of dollars in new revenue and users in the ecosystem, many of which won’t initially realize they’re interacting with crypto.

Unfortunately for many of us — if our holds don’t innovate, build real appeal to mass audiences, and simplicity to acquire, they’ll slowly bleed until they become irrelevant Don’t confuse this for being bearish — I am extremely bullish on the technology and innovators.

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