Struggles with mental health, and motivation, In Web3

Mental illness affects nearly one in five adults (approx 52 million in the US). The illness comes in many shapes and sizes and is largely misunderstood and often stigmatized.

Discussing it isn’t glamorous however very much needed, especially in the NFT/Web3 community due to the exceptional tasking requirements.

Degens (a loving name for people who participate in NFTs) are exposed to an extreme fluctuation of emotions on many scales. Specifically financially and socially. The NFT/Crypto markets are highly volatile, which means participants are usually down-bad or in significant gains.

An additional puzzle piece is the social aspect of the community. Twitter has become high school 2.0. The community experiences a great deal of pressure to create engagement + participate in IRL events.

Participating in this game almost always leads to “Burnout” and fatigue. We grow tired of chasing profits, tracking mints and being locked into social media 24/7.

Does any of this sound relatable? I have experienced all of this. It’s affected nearly every aspect of my life. Family, friends, work and my overall disposition.

Is There Hope?

we’re all in this together, facing the same struggles & there are solutions.

All your ambitions in the web3 space can come to fruition with effort, discipline and consistency. However, it’s important to your success that it’s enjoyable and sustainable. You also might realize most deadlines and goals are arbitrary numbers we make up out of thin air. Don’t beat yourself up. This space will continue to evolve for the rest of our lives; there will always be new opportunities, and it’s more than okay to miss out.

A pivot in the mindset I suggest making is to treat your time in the space as if you were running a business. This little tweak has changed everything for me.

As a business, I understand the importance of scheduling time and creating strategies for success while setting goals. Much of the depression stems from feeling as if you aren’t making progress. To fix this, create little goals for yourself and work towards them. As you make progress on them, you’ll feel good! You won’t feel guilty for stepping away to enjoy other aspects of life.

More Obvious Tips You Already Know

  1. Get Outside As Much As You Can!
  2. Exercise Daily
  3. Spend Time With Friends/Family
  4. Integrate Hobbys/Passions Into Web3
  5. Talk To People About Your Feelings

As brief as this article was, I genuinely hope it helps some of you. Simply knowing others are feeling the same and that there are solutions can be the push you need to take action.





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